About Us

CROWN Detailing & Car Wash

CROWN Detailing & Car Wash is Winnipeg’s premier professional automotive detailing shop. CROWN Detailing & Car Wash has been serving the community, and taking care of Winnipeg’s vehicle detailing needs since 2005. We take care of each vehicle as if it was our very own, and each vehicle receives our utmost care and attention.

“We will treat every customer like an honored guest in our home.” These exact words were on the wall of Dilawri’s first dealership in 1983, and are still our motto today. If you have a care or a concern, we make it our mission to take care of that need for you, or find someone who can. We have an extensive network of professionals that work closely with us to ensure that every one of your needs are taken care of.

Why choose CROWN Detailing & Car Wash?

1. Training: Our staff is constantly training to become better equipped to handle any detailing situation.

2. Quality: CROWN Detailing & Car Wash is NOT a “low-quality, high volume” car wash place; we are a top tier, professional detailing shop. We do have the ability to clean a lot of vehicles each day; however, our real specialty is high quality detailing.

4. Flexibility: CROWN Detailing & Car Wash has a detailing package for MOST situations, and in the very few cases, one of our packages doesn’t take care of your needs, we’ll custom build one that will, just for you.

5. Care: The friendly, no pressure staff at CROWN Detailing & Car Wash! They really enjoy seeing our customers smile. Our staff members will always go above and beyond to answer questions and take care of the needs you may have.

6. Location: If you have your vehicle at any other dealership in the Auto mall, we can arrange to have it picked up and brought to CROWN Detailing & Car Wash to clean the same day (for most detailing packages, a few are best to leave overnight).

CROWN Detailing & Car Wash is a proud member of the Dilawri Automotive Group